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We are specialists in the field of organising traineeships for foreign students in Poland. Thanks to our vast experience, we receive over 300 students a year. We speak many languages and this enables us to communicate with all the participants of the exchange and thanks to this we can successfully find a receiving company for every profile of the student.

What makes us different

thanks to which we can help with the necessary documents connected with the Erasmus+ programme, which makes the work of coordinators and companies receiving students for traineeships much easier.

Nowadays practically everyone knows English. We have come a step further, as besides English we speak also the languages of our students: we know Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. We realise that nothing makes the whole process of traineeship easier than good communication. Both educational institutions which cooperate with us and our students really appreciate it.

In our team we have graduates of Philology, Psychology, IT, Architecture and Interior Design. This allows us to perfectly match faculties of the trainee to the profile of the receiving company.

Our extensive experience let us create a big database of partner companies. Only in Krakow and Warsaw we have over 500 companies which trusted us and used our programme.

During their stay abroad, students, and also their parents, must be sure that in case of any emergency they have someone to rely on. This gives them a great feeling of safety.

All people from our team participated in the Erasmus programme as students. Thanks to this we know what the most frequent anxieties and problems are, not only those connected with  traineeships but also with everyday life abroad far away from home.

and thanks to that we feel as if we are not working at all
Contact with young people from various countries, speaking foreign languages and satisfaction and smile of our clients are the elements which motivate us to work.

We realise that our clients are mainly students, people who are just beginning their professional careers, so we match our prices to their expectations.

they are independent and varied people. We know that everyone is different, has different skills, personality traits, anxieties, that is why we approach everyone in an individual way.