Practice in Warsaw

– internship in the capital of Poland

Warsaw is the biggest city in Poland and it is the capital of the country, it is as a big european capital in constant dynamic development. Warsaw hosts plenty of cultural, economical and political events.

Many tourists omit Warsaw when planning a travel across Poland, or they simply use it as a connection point between cities. It is a big mistake. Warsaw has a lot to offer: interesting monuments and museums which tell the complicated story of the country combined with a lot of nice places to spend free time. Warsaw is an important business center full of life and at the same time a cosmopolitan city with a rich culture and a fascinating history. 1/4 of its surface is formed by green areas where the citizens practice sport or go for a walk when there is good weather. Warsaw also counts with rich gastronomical and leisure time offers. Everyone will find something attractive in the extensive kind of clubs, pubs and public places that Warsaw offers.

Warsaw has also a very dynamic labour market and represents a fantastic place to develop business, this is why the city is very attractive for those looking for an internship.

in the center of Poland,
capital of the region of Mazowsze.

1 million 745 thousand

517 km2

Additional information:
around 300 km from Kraków
(2 h 20 min by train),
around 400 km from Gdańsk and the Baltic Sea.
(2 h 40 min by train)

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