The company was just perfect, I felt very welcome from the first day to the last, everyone helped me to integrate into the group and in the city… The tutor helped me in every possible way and he even took me to visit some place near the area. In the company I was assigned a working space next to everyone (during other internship I was appointed a working place more apart) and they provided me with all the material necessary for the development of my work there. I have learned new things and increased my knowledge in others.”

Carlos / Web applications development/ Warsaw

The receiving company was very good, the tutor is very good professional and he treated me excellently both professionally and personally, the working environment with other colleagues has been just as good, sometimes there were some communication problems but everything could be solved.

Francisco José / Microcomputer System and Networking/ Warsaw

The internship was far better than expected, I thought I would not get to do important things but by surprise for me I started with simple work and ended up doing tasks that were sent to the company’s clients so I’m very happy about it. I have had the opportunity to feel more of a worker and not a trainee so I have learned a lot during my internship there.

Cristo / Interior Design/ Warsaw

It was a great experience. Other company’s workers treated me brilliantly, the company itself matched my profile, my tutor kept up to date with me and made sure that nothing was missing. Overall a sensational working atmosphere.

Alejandra / Telecommunication/ Warsaw

Very good atmosphere and work environment. We performed all kinds of tasks within our work environment, so we learned many aspects that we hadn’t known before.

Alba / Graphic Design/ Warsaw

The company turned out to be fantastic, with many projects in progress. The atmosphere at work was both casual and professional. I would definitely recommend my company to other students coming in future to do their internship in Warsaw.


Sofia / Industrial Robotics/ Warsaw

Hi, my name is Martina. I study Telecommunication and Computer Systems. I applied for the Erasmus internship in Krakow. Today I still think that it was the best possible destination for me. The city is beautiful, everything is very cheap and the best of all is the people. Friendly and always willing to help. My experience in the company that accepted me to work and learn from them has been incredible, and I still think about everything I learned and enjoyed. I bring back home good memories, experiences and friends. If I could I would go back without thinking. I encourage all people who have the opportunity to go to this wonderful city, to do it, because you will never forget it.

Martina/ Telecommunication/ Cracow

The experience of the internship in Krakow has been one of the most beautiful I have ever lived in my life. I have met wonderful people, both foreign and local, there is a great nightlife and a good working environment. Although at first you get a little uphill for the language, in a couple of weeks and with a dictionary you manage it easily. You have a great variety of places to visit, besides you can visit much of Europe without too much economic effort.

Jorge/ Construction / Cracow

Why choose Krakow as your Erasmus destination? No doubt Krakow is the perfect place in terms of expenses. It is a very cheap country comparing to Spain. There are a lot of parties every day and a noticeable good life spirit. It is a city with many Erasmus people so there are many Erasmus parties and many young people. The people there are very friendly and very sociable. It is also a country with much history of the Holocaust that makes it even more special. Also, it is a country with very good communication to travel from one country to another, so for little money you can get to know more countries in Europe. I totally recommend it, we stayed 3 months and we would have stayed a whole year. My experience was very positive and I would be happy to do it again.

Janire/ Dietetics/ Cracow

Poland is a fantastic country, people are very nice and sociable, adaptation is not a problem. It is a desirable destination for any young person who wants to meet people and have a good work experience.

Eneko/ Administration and Finances/ Cracow