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Traineeships and what next?

Many students during their traineeships in Poland start wondering what chances they would have to be employed in our country.

In big cities in Poland one does not need to know Polish to be able to find permanent work. Poland has a dynamically developing job market and the presence of international corporations from many sectors makes the chances of foreigners to be employed really high. Poland has a very low unemployment rate and in big cities such as Krakow and Warsaw it is practically non-existent. Furthermore, more and more Polish companies eagerly employ foreigners and as a result the number of expatriates living in Poland is getting bigger and bigger each year.

A traineeship within the Erasmus+ programme is the first step after which many students decide to look for employment outside their native country.

Staying in Poland after student traineeships and finding regular employment require of course many formalities but nowadays it is much easier than it was even a few years ago.

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